A place where recipes and flavours from across the globe are dished out in one cosy location in the heritage city of Udaipur


The theme of Platterzz was in keeping with gifting the people in this lovely town something different and exciting in terms of palates within a gracious ambience.

As a brief overview, Platterzz is an establishment which can accommodate 100 odd guests within it’s indoor & outdoor settings.


Indoor Sitting

To add to the experience, there is a large wall in one of the Lounge to project live telecast of sports and other popular events which allow guests to lose themselves in the special world of Platterzz.


Outdoor Sitting

The outdoor sitting is for the ones who enjoy the sound of water & serene surroundings .

The delectable dishes on offer, range from across the globe, bringing in inspirations from the wide ranging places like China, Burma, Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy and Mexico.

The are signature dishes like
Ex - set this restaurant apart and takes it a notch higher in terms of delivering more.

The dishes and concepts were culled to fit into the discerning tastes of guests in and around Udaipur but can be enjoyed by just about anyone who want to have a memorable gastronomic experience with friends, family or business associates. The idea of customising portions and items on a platter is on the cards.

The aim is to provide flexibility in terms of quantities and items to an extent, where guests can customise orders as per their discretion, based on group or individual preferences and capacity. While the ambience is very pleasing and accommodating in terms of spaciousness and a classy yet contemporary design, the dishes are the main heroes of this place. Overall it presents a very welcoming ambience where guests can sit at leisure and take on a culinary journey with a global spin.

At “PlatterzZ" we dont run a business of just serving food ,we run a mission of creating our extended family by presenting a bond of taste soaked in our passion to deliver .